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To Our Valued Retailers and Customers:
We wanted you all to see the recognition our Woodman''s Pal got in the June 2008 issue of Field & Stream magazine as one of The 20 Best Knives Ever Made
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Field & Stream 20 Greatest Knives

From Lee H.

Really very impressed with your customer service. You guys are top notch all the way around. We received the new sheath yesterday. Amazing! We will continue to use your products and recommend them to everyone we know.

From Gene Fife

I received my order this week. It is one of the best purchases that I have made!

From Mr. France

I just wanted to say thank you again for reent "Fantastic" customer service, from a "Forever" Customer.

 From Matt B.

Well I must say I've ordered three tools from you and want to tell you that you make a fine Made in the USA product. I was looking for a machete made in the USA and that's how I found your can company.  I use my tool all the time and it's great!  I hope and pray your company continues to be successful. Keep up the great work!!

 From Ann S.

 ...I bought a Woodman's Pal for my husband several years ago, and he really likes it.  We ranch, so as you can imagine, there are multiple times in the course of each day where some kind of sharp tool is needed for this chore or that.  The Woodman's Pal fills that bill quite nicely!

Again, just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to win such a quality tool!

 From John V.

Received today, and I must say that delivery was fast, and the tool is excellent! Now to work it out this weekend.

From Erik P.

Flat out IMPRESSED with Pro Tool Industries customer service!!! I received my Woodsman Pal back in better condition than I ever expected. I will be a customer for life.

From Justin L.

Just wanted to say how stoked I am to have a Woodman's pal in Nepal. I have used this thing for cutting jungle, wood, campsites, as a prybar, flicking leaches off me, and even slicing apart silicon on busted windows and door panels. It has become invaluable to me. So keep up the good work. Best tool I've ever owned.

From Truck And Engine Company Capt. Tedro Rosselle

My team and I use these Woodman’s Pals during brush season deployment as wildland firefighters. We couldn’t do without them.

From Mr. George Zanders

I’ve owned good, old tools my whole life. Got them from my grandfather and my dad. I’m reluctant to get new tools since the quality’s usually bad. But the Woodman’s Pals I got from you, I like them so much. Just like they used to make decades ago!

The power of an axe with the control of a machete.

From G. Despain

Thanks, I got my Woodman''s Pal today and the workmanship was incredible...Just what I expected.  I will try and send you some business...Thanks again.

From M. Vassek
Bluff City, TN

I ordered a Woodman''s Pal Model 481 and leather sheath on Sunday 6/29/08.  I work out of town and it was waiting for me when I got home Thursday evening 7//03/08.

I expected it to be a quality tool but was impressed at how much better it was than I expected.  Being late, I had to wait until this morning to try it out.

There is an area by where I feed my horses that I cleared a few years ago and the locust saplings had come back along with wild roses and other brush.  I have dreaded clearing it out as it required a chainsaw and a machete last time and was a very unpleasant job.

I decided that I would give my new toy a shot out there and see if it was worth what I paid for it.  Boy OH Boy was I amazed.  I still had to put out effort, but the amount of effort was nothing in contrast to the amount of work I was able to do in a very short period of time.  In around 20 minutes I cleared more area than I had before in a half a day with a machete and a chainsaw.  The ability to spin the Woodman''s Pal around and use the hook on all the small stuff and then spin it around to cut saplings then back around to clear brush with the hook was amazing.  The same job would have required brush clearing with a machete , then a swap to a chainsaw to clean out the trees then back to the machete for the brush.

I am sure you have heard it a million times, but figured I would pass on my congratulations to all of you who produce this wonderful tool.  The quality is above board and the tool is a wonderful tool to actually work with.  Very seldom do I find a tool in which I will go looking for work in which to use it on, the Woodman''s Pal is one of those tools.  I am very happy to pass the word on this to my friends and will be buying a few more for gifts in the future.

From R. Smith
Reno, Nevada

Bravo - Place my order on the ninth of June and received it within stated time.  Love it.  100% satisfied.  I''ll be the envy of all my hunting pals this November.


From Fred M.

More than 55 years is a long time to wait to satisfy an unfulfilled love affair.  But, that''s what has happened between the Woodman''s Pal and me.  There was college, military duty, marriage and jobs in Indiana where I grew up and in Illinois.  Then, it was on to Alabama to find a job that took me to almost everywhere and finally led to my retirement 14 years ago.

In the meantime, I bought two empty lots next to the home I built in 1968 and converted it from pasture land to a pine forest.  Most recently, however, the property has been invaded by undesirable growth including wild privet.  Spraying it with herbicides is tricky.  Cutting with lopping shears is slow and awkward.  Surely, I told myself, there had to be a better answer.

Then, as if on cue, I happened to see an advertisement for the Woodman''s Pal in the Wall Street Journal.  I couldn''t believe it was still being made.  Nor could I believe it hadn''t changed.  I''m also glad the Woodman''s Pal is still leaving its mark.  I can tell by closely looking at it that those who make it, like what they do.  I''m proud it''s still our own, that it''s being made right here in America.

For all of that, I offer everyone my heartiest congratulations.  May all of you have a happy and prosperous New Year.

From D. Stone
Ottsvile, PA

I recently purchased a Woodman''s Pal to do some pretty heavy duty brush clearing on my property. The previous owner had let wild roses run rampant along about an 800 foot stretch, and in places they were 15 feet deep and 8 feet high. I don''t know if you have ever worked with these, but they are nasty.

At the very best, it was a daunting task to undertake. Last year, I spent many hours with limb loppers and a saw, but found it hard to reach a lot of the bases of the plants. Also, the wood of the thicker branches close to the ground is exceptionally hard, and over 3" in diameter at times.

I had used inexpensive machetes for other jobs in the past, but found the quality to be generally poor at best. They just don''t hold up when the going gets tough. I''m in manufacturing, and I liked what I read about the Woodman''s Pal on your website. I''m willing to pay for quality, because that''s the only way to get it. I could see the minute I opened the package that the W-P is a high quality tool.

I have accomplished more brush clearing in about 8 hours with my Woodman''s Pal than I did in 3 times that long with limb loppers and saw. My job ahead is still big, but I feel like I''m making real progress now. (And despite the fact that it is still hard work with the W-P, there is something very satisfying about going in there and whacking the hell out of those roses!)

After some pretty tough chopping, the edge is still as sharp as when I received it, and shows almost no sign of use at all. (I have completely destroyed cheap machetes in less time.) I also bought the leather sheath, and am very pleased with it as well.

Bottom line..... I want to compliment you on a quality product that I''m sure will serve me well for a lifetime. I''ll bet a buck that you''ll never sell me another one, but you can be sure that I''ll give it my highest recommendation to anyone who has the need.

From J. Raleigh
Spokane, Washington

Recently I purchased your tool after seeing it advertised in the "Shotgun News".  I must compliment you on your fine product as it performs better than advertised!  I hate to do garden work and this tool has become useful to a guy who doesn''t have a green thumb!  My only criticism of the product is the name.  It has no ''Flash''.  I named mine the ''Borneo Bush Knife'', that give it more ''panache''!

From M. Powell

My name is M. Powell and I spoke to a very helpful person on the phone today when I placed an order for a leather scabbard for my Woodman''s Pal.  I was telling her about how I came to have my Pal and she asked me if I would mind jotting it down and submitting it.  So, here it is.

My father, C. Powell, III, Chief Petty Officer, USN, Ret. purchased this Pal in Boston, Mass, in 1946 upon his return from 6 years overseas with the US Navy.  He bought the Pal as a gift for his father C. Powell, Jr. of Clinton, NC.  My grandfather used his Pal almost daily as a general around the house tool up to the time of his death in the 1950''s.  The Pal then passed back to my father who used it regularly clearing and maintaining land at a family home in the Poconos and at our house outside of Phila.

In the late 1960''s my father made several extended trips to Viet Nam and Thailand in his work for the Dept. of Defense and the Pal went with him into the field, where he said it served him well under very difficult conditions.  I always admired this tool as a child and he taught me to care for it and use is safely as soon as I was big enough to do so safely.

As my fathers health declined, he passed his Pal to me, complete with a slightly modified OD canvas sheath, round sharpening stone, a booklet on use and care, and a booklet on fighting techniques using the Woodman''s Pal.  The sheath is a little worse for wear after all that time in SE Asia, but the Pal still does everything I ask of it.  I had to leave it at home for the past few years because of the condition of the sheath but it still served around the house.

I was thrilled to see you ad in American Rifleman complete with website.  I got your phone number from the site and called to order a new sheath.  I am pleased that soon my Pal will be mobile again.

I hope you enjoy this little piece of history and thank you for producing such a fine tool.

From J. Slingluff, Jr.

It was with great interest that I saw your ad in DU magazine for the Woodman''s Pal.  Your website says that the tool was developed by Frederick Ehrsam in the 1930''s.  I wonder if he knew a gentleman by the name of Henry Woodman?  I worked for Mr. woodman ("Chief") on Lake Temagami, Ontario for several years.  He owned Camp Cayuga from the 1940''s until the 1960''s.  Prior to owning the camp, he was active with the National Geographic Society and the Smithsonian, exploring the area between North Bay and the Hudson Bay.

At Camp Cayuga, we had several of the Pal''s, which were put to very good use.  Henry claimed that he had helped design the tool, which was a combination of a bush hook and a machete.  The name woodman came from Henry, as he explained, otherwise it might have been Woodsman''s, Woodsmen''s, etc.

When not involved with the Ontario Northland, Henry taught biology and other "earth" sciences at the George School in PA during the 30''s and 40''s, which would have put him near your plant.  Later on, he taught the same courses at Baltimore Friends school, where I met him.

I am looking forward to re-acquainting myself with the Pal, and it will be once again put to good use.

From W. Eckrose

This is a little story of the original Woodman''s Pal - just called "The Machete" when I was a young surveyor to be in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  Back then, in 1956 or ''57 I was the only one that didn''t have one.  I found one in an Army Surplus store by accident and bought it on the spot for about $1.50.

The double bit cruisers axe that I carried back then did not cut brush very well and I was reminded of that fact frequently by my superiors.  After I bought it and sharpened it on an old 2 foot diameter grindstone with a water trough with a huge crank handle, I could slay 2" popple trees with the best of them.

I have used the tool ever since, - most recently last week - to extract brush that had grown up mysteriously within my boat trailer alongside the house.  This is Florida.  No hope of swinging an axe, or using a pruning saw.  The virtue of a razor sharp bush hook on the end of a machete is beyond description.

The end of this little story is that each of my children and my brother will receive the strangest Christmas present that I have ever given, and they will use these tools in way I could never imagine.

Keep up the good work.

From C. Litz

My order arrived yesterday and I am now one very satisfied customer.  Thank you.  Those old hedges in my father''s backyard will soon be history!!  Thanks again.

"Performs tasks no machete or brush axe can do...a superbly designed tool." Basil Mucha, Professional Engineer

"Machete-like handling with the power of an axe." American Survival Guide, Staff Report

"Tested the Pal recently and will testify that it takes a powerful lot of use and abuse without losing its edge." American forests Magazine

"Besides my rifle and compass, it is my most valued possession and I cannot see how I could get along without it." PFC Henry Luke (letter from the South Pacific, October, 1944)

From Bill W.

I received my Woodman''s Pal #284 yesterday and put it right to work on some overgrown places on my property.  The tool is exactly as advertised, well balanced and properly weighted with high quality construction.  What a pleasure to use such a well made tool!  It certainly is a good feeling to know that the phrase "100% made in the USA" still means something.

From Mark C.

I got mine yesterday.  I like it.  I like it.  I like it.  I was born into a family that never has the right tool for the job; but not now.  Excellent product!  I am proud to support American workers.

From Steve S.

I just wanted to send a note telling you how pleased I am with the quality of the Woodsman''s Pal.  The Woodsman''s Pal takes all the work I throw at it.  It is tough enough to be used without fear of breaking it.

From Rick F.

A quick note of thanks for a wonderful "Pal".  From ordering to delivery, and a superior tool to boot, I am 10 plus in overall satisfaction.  Perhaps my only regret is that it took so long to find this amazing tool!

From Robert E.

I have bought these as gifts for years.  Thanks for making a good product.

From Doug P.

I received my Pal this week and was pleased with the tool at first site.  I am a cut to length logger in the Pacific Northwest and often need to lay out cutting trails for the Processors in a stand of 25 to 50 year old timber.  The tool right away proved its worth the first day and I look forward to unit layout much more now.  Thank you for machining such a quality tool.

From Paul T.

I have the #481 Woodman''s Pal which I ordered from you previously and use it quite often.  I''ve already applied the Pro-Grip on the handle, better grip.  I''ve applied the Leather''s Pal oil on the leather seats in my truck and my favorite leather boots.  It enhanced them better than anything I''ve ever used.  Those products are very good and I''m sure the Schmutz will work just as well.  Can''t wait to apply it on my hunting knife collection and my Woodman''s Pal.

From Ken M.

My tool arrived and I instantly put it to the test chopping limbs and samplings.  But, when I tried splitting some alligator bark juniper I was truly amazed.  Your claim that is splits logs is a huge understatement.  My ax and hatchet don''t even come close to the power of my Woodman''s.  The size of the cutting edge and the balance of the tool makes it one mean wood splitting machine.  I can''t wait to make it an addition to our camping gear.  Finally, a tool, American made that far exceeds its claims and also my expectations.  Thank you very much.  Your small company should be proud of the products they produce.


The Woodman''s Pal newpaper article testimonial.The Woodman''s Pal newpaper article testimonial.