Woodman’s Pal® Commemorative Limited Edition LC-14-B Jungle Fighting Knife

Woodman’s Pal® Commemorative Limited Edition LC-14-B Jungle Fighting Knife

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A tribute to the tool that has accompanied our troops from 1941 to present day, Pro Tool proudly, and respectfully presents:


"Justice, protection, defense, survival" the daily thoughts and actions of our servicemen in the line of duty.  The Woodman’s Pal ® LC-14-B Jungle Fighting Knife (known today as our Premium Model 284) was and is, at the soldier's side, prepared to perform, assist an escape, and even engage in battle.

Honor the heritage of this iconic American tool and its role in the protection of our amazing US of A…. Available to hang or display proudly in your home or office.
  • Our tried and true 1075 carbon steel, hardened to Rockwell 47
  • Leather washers compressed and hand sanded to form the perfect military handle, and durable knuckle guard
  • 99.7% pure gold plated blade
Secured in an outstanding 12”h x 18”w x 2.5” deep red oak display case with burgundy foam liner, 2 working brass locks with 2 keys, and double strength glass top. For additional personalization, we’ve included a 3 x 5 brass plate, which can be custom engraved with a personal message. This extra touch will make this as an outstanding gift, award, or personal remembrance.

To add to this historic piece of art, each commemorative will have its own numbered Certificate of Authenticity which verifies the authenticity of this special edition LC-14-B as genuine in every detail just as in 1941.  Hand built, inspected and individually approved.   Order now to own or gift this special Limited Edition.

Weight: 10 lbs

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