Military Premium with Treated Leather Sheath

Military Premium with Treated Leather Sheath

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Also known since 1941 by its Military-issue name, the LC-14-B, is our very best model.

Specifications: Woodmans Pal® Model #284-LT
  • Length: 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 25 ounces
  • Grip: 5-inch Military-style Soft Leather with Steel Knuckle Guard.
  • Blade: 1/8-inch thick x 10.5-inch High-Carbon Steel.
  • Hardened to Rockwell C47 giving it strength for cutting and keeping its edge.
Multi-Purpose Utility
  • Blade cuts branches and wood up to 1 inch in diameter with a single stroke.
  • Unique Sickle Hook slices through stubborn vines and briars
  • Removes unwanted sprout growth at ground level.
  • Blade maintains flexibility in cold weather.
  • Handle remains cool in summer and warm in winter!

Treated Leather Sheath
  • Front opening with snap closure for easy storage and access
  • Heavy stitching around the perimeter provides durable, long-lasting support
  • Leather strap with a snap closure acts as a belt loop to hold your Woodman’s Pal® securely in place

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