The 2020 Gift Guide for Fishermen

If you have a fisherman in your life, you’re probably trying to figure out what to get him or her for the holidays. After all, fishermen know what they want, when they want it, and rarely do they not have it for long. Where does that leave you? Luckily, here’s a list of a few great gifts for fishermen this Christmas that should do just the trick. No matter your budget, there’s something here that is the perfect gift for the fisherman who has everything!

Dry Bags

While going fishing often means getting wet and muddy, it’s still important for a fisherman to keep dry clothes dry and wet clothes from getting dr

Man using Fishing Pliers on a freshly caught fish

y things wet. They’ll also keep whatever is stored in them from getting soaked if they fall into the water. A dry bag will do just that. They come in many sizes and colors. They also have great uses for camping, beach trips, or even just rainy days when you or your fisherman are out and about.

Fishing Pliers

When fishing, it’s crucial to be able to cut lines or remove hooks with one hand. This is where a good pair (or a few) of fishing pliers come in handy. While the fisherman you’re shopping for probably has a set, these tools are small and can get easily lost. Giving a fisherman a spare is not a bad idea, especially as a stocking stuffer or for a gift exchange.


If you’ve ever gone fishing yourself, you know just how brutal the sun can be out on the water. You also may be familiar with how easy it is to lose your hat. A good quality hat, whether a brimmed hat or a ballcap, can be a good gift for a fisherman, though he or she may not use it until they need a hat. Get one that has their favorite brand logo or image on it to make it a more personal gift, or get one that goes with a larger gift for a more complete set.

A Gift Card to an Outdoor Store

When in doubt, give the gift of giving someone options. Fishermen go through a lot of supplies, from bait to line to lures and more. Even a modest gift card to a favorite fishing store can be a big help in balancing a fisherman’s budget. 

The Woodman’s Pal

When it comes to the great outdoors, no one ever knows what they’re going to get. While bad days are rare, an outdoor survival tool like the

Woodman's Pal and the accompanying Sheath

Woodman’s Pal can clear brush, pull back branches, and more can help a fisherman find the ideal spot for fishing or help deal with any emergencies as necessary. This high-quality tool is even great for getting some wood to help start cookfires for days when the fishing is good! At Woodman’s Pal, we’re proud to offer great tools to help fishermen from around the world better enjoy the great outdoors. We’re proud to produce the excellent Woodman’s Pal tool here in America, based on the original 1941 design that saw use among GIs in WWII, as well as quality accessories for outdoorsmen of all stripes.  Our high standards of quality and commitment to our customers make our products a great option for holiday gifts for fishermen. Take a look at our online store to find the perfect gift!
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