Holiday Gifts for Hunters

Hunting is an activity that relies heavily on tools and gear, so that means shopping for Christmas gifts for hunters must be easy, right? Of course, you need to know what the hunter has, what they hunt, where they hunt, what they prefer...maybe it isn’t so easy after all. Fortunately, there’s plenty of things out there that are perfect gifts for hunters no matter what or where they hunt, or what your budget is. So just what are the gifts for hunters who have everything? 


Hunters spend a lot of time on their feet, often in harsh conditions ranging from hot deserts to marshy swamps. No hunter really ever has enough quality socks. Good hunting socks help prevent blisters and keep feet warm but not too warm, wicking away moisture to keep your hunter on their feet. This also means they get trashed quite easily- and that's not even including the ones eaten by the dryer!  

Stocked First Aid Kit

First aid kits are key when hunting. This isn’t only because they can be used in life-threatening emergencies, but they can be used to help bind up a turned ankle or clean a small cut. Unfortunately, many things inside of first aid kits expire over time. They also have a tendency to go missing. A new, stocked, and compact first aid kit is a helpful thing for any hunter. If they have one they already carry with them, having another in a car is always a good idea.

A Metal (Tactical) Spork

Silly as it sounds, a metal reusable spork is a great gift for hunters. There are many options out there, but you really want something that allows a hunter to eat something a bit more hearty than a handful of trail mix without getting their hands messy (or their food full of dirt). Metal sporks are great because they both can spear and scoop food, take the abuse of the great outdoors, and are easy to wash. You can find elaborate ‘food multitools’ or simple metal sporks that have a handy loop for tying to a pack. (If you want to be able to say you actually got someone a tactical spork specifically, that is what Ka-Bar actually calls their version.) These are fun stocking stuffers.


There are many different gloves hunters use for different tasks. There are gloves for cold weather, for wet weather, for thorny environments, and more. Gloves are a key part of a hunter’s kit. Look for gloves geared towards being used to do things, not just worn around, and make sure the index fingers are not very bulky as that would make shooting more difficult. The best pair will depend on the environment a hunter is working in.

The Woodman’s Pal

Well, not to toot our own horn, but this well-crafted bladed tool is an excellent gift for a hunter. We’d say that even if we weren’t selling it!  At only 17 inches long, it is compact. The design has been around since 1941 and saw use by GIs in WWII. It is a great tool for dealing with brush, which is something every hunter faces. It can be used to help shape stands, cut through vines and brush, and help gather firewood. For years, you could only find shoddy knock-offs on the market, but our high-quality tool is sure to knock your hunter’s (well-used, see above) socks off. Check out the details of this great tool and find some of our helpful accessories in our shop to find at least one great gift for the hunters in your life this holiday season!
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