Stranded on a Desert Island - The Woodman’s Pal Would Could Be The Difference Between Life & Death

We’ve all played the game where we name the three books we’d take with us if we were stranded on a desert island. While it’s fun to contemplate, if you were stranded you’d want something that would actually help you survive the situation. So, let’s change the game a little. If you were going to be stranded on a deserted island, what’s the one tool you’d bring with you to help you survive? Your best answer would be a Woodman’s Pal - and here are five reasons why it’s the ultimate survival tool.

Build Shelter

Once you’ve taken stock of your surroundings and assets and found some freshwater to drink, the most important thing for you to do is build a shelter. And unless you’re lucky enough to find an uninhabited cave or overhang, you’re going to need to shape some of the natural elements around you into cover. Building a frame for your shelter is easier when you can cut and trim exactly the kind of wood you’ll need. The Woodman’s Pal is made for chopping. The forward weight blade makes long hours of swinging more comfortable and lessens fatigue. The hand-sharpened blade is designed to saplings with a single stroke. The ash wood handle is rubbed with beeswax to give it grip, keeping it from slipping out of your hand when the day gets hot and your palms become sweaty. The handle is slightly lengthed, which lets you choose the best grip position for comfort and leverage. Plus, the handle is attached with solid brass screws and threaded standoffs, providing secure attachment to the blade that won’t rust. This means that you can quickly fell the right size branches, saplings, and vines to create anything from a short term lean-to to a more substantial wikiup. 

Land Clearing

The ability to clear a section of land is important for a number of reasons. First, you’ll want space to build your shelter that’s clear of undergrowth. You’ll need to minimize access to your shelter from wild animals while creating a safe and comfortable location for you to rest in. Second, a cleared area of land can help rescuers find you. If the island you are on has dense vegetation, clearing an area out will make it stand out. Plus, a cleared area will make a signal fire safer and more visible. As discussed, the blade of the Woodman’s Pal can make short work of saplings, branches, and even larger trees. But one of the things that make the Woodman’s Pal the best multi-purpose survival tool is the addition of the sickle hook. The hook makes short work of vines and low growth, allowing you to pull the debris toward you for use in tying together your shelter supports or piling up for your signal fire. [caption id="attachment_5039" align="alignright" width="300"] The Woodmans Pal Machete can take a beating all day and hold its edge![/caption]


In a survival situation, fire is life. You can use it to cook, sanitize, and even keep away animals. It will keep you warm when the temperature drops at night and can tell rescuers where to find you. Getting a fire going means having a variety of materials to get it started and keep it burning. We’ve already mentioned the features of the Woodman’s Pal when it comes to cutting down trees and branches. It’s also ideal for splitting firewood into kindling to give your precious fire the accessible fuel it needs to get going.

Transportation and Food

Being on an island pre-supposes you’re surrounded by water. You may also not have much to eat on the island itself. Having a means of navigating the waters around your camp will give you the freedom to explore other parts of the island without hiking as well as giving you access to more fishing areas. Like the shelter, your Woodman’s Pal will let you cut appropriately sized trees to create your boat or raft frame. You’ll also be able to quickly split wood to create planking or flooring for your raft, and cut and gather vines to strap it all together. The laser-cut blade facilitates carving spear tips or stripping branches to make a fishing pole, too. And, because the Woodman’s Pal has a matte powder coat finish, it will resist the corrosion that saltwater and humidity cause.


There are many dangers when stranded on an island. While shelter and fire can minimize the danger of the elements, there is still the chance of being attacked. Wild animals may roam your island. Or you may find that you’re not the only person living there. The features that make the Woodman’s Pal the best survival tool for meeting multiple basic needs also make it a potential weapon in case you are attacked. The balanced swing and carved handle make it easy to keep an attacker at bay, and the double threat of blade and hook will deal damage if the appearance of the tool alone isn’t enough of a deterrent. Is it likely you’ll get trapped on a deserted island? Probably not. But if you did, and wanted to be sure you survive, you’ll keep your Woodman’s Pal at hand.
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