What’s the Best Single Tool for Surveyors and Municipal Crews?

Municipal crews work tirelessly to keep our towns and roads safe and looking great. The are out every day, removing obstacles, monitoring right-of-ways, and ensuring the care of our cities. These crews have a variety of tasks that they do in a day, many of which are outdoors and require them to get to areas that are difficult to access.   Similarly, a surveyor’s office is largely in the great outdoors. To gain precise measurements for property boundaries, road projects, and prepare sites for construction, the surveyor needs access to areas that not many people travel.    Each of these professionals uses a number of specialized tools to accomplish their daily tasks. There is one challenge that both professionals face, however. And there is a single, multi-purpose tool that can make the job of a surveyor or municipal crew much easier.

Clearing Brush and Vegetation

Overgrown and high grass and vegetation can be a safety concern for both surveyors and municipal crews. Brush and grass can prevent drivers from seeing these crews as they are our performing their daily tasks.    This overgrowth can also be a hazard to drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians, wildlife, and livestock. Motorists may not have a clear field of vision near corners, and heavy or high brush may obscure wildlife or livestock, making it seem as if they came out of nowhere. Bicyclists and pedestrians may be forced off of paths or other right-of-ways because of overgrowth, pushing them into the path of cars and trucks.   And, of course, municipal crews and surveyors must frequently access areas off the beaten path, whether that’s to take measurements, find boundary lines, or locate controls or expose fire hydrants.   All of these instances can be managed with the Woodman’s Pal. This all-in-one brush clearing and land management tool is superbly balanced, making it easy to swing to remove high grasses and cut away obscuring brush. The handle is handcrafted, stained, coated, and beeswax rubbed for durability and grip.

Root System Control

Roots are easy to trip over on construction sites and roadsides. They can also cause damage to sidewalks and roadways, pushing up concrete and creating cracks and tripping hazards. The challenge, of course, is both the location and the thickness of roots that cause issues. Thick as some branches, their location at ground level makes it tough to get a saw in where it's needed or to pull and remove sections as they are cut away.   The Woodman’s Pal has a sharp, spring steel blade that can cut sapling sized roots with a single swing. The sickle hook makes it easy to grab and pull vine-like roots out so they can be hauled away, improving the safety of the area and making it easier for crews to fix cracks and heaves in pavement and sidewalks.

Trimming Branches 

Trees are not only good for the environment, but they make our communities beautiful, give shelter to beneficial wildlife, and offer shade. If they are not well cared for, however, they can become a safety concern or prevent clear sightlines for both vehicles and surveyors.   Dead branches can pose a risk to cars and pedestrians. A large branch may crack under its own weight at any time, damaging property or, worse, injuring someone. These branches are also a detriment to the still-living tree, inviting pests and disease.   Low hanging branches can also be a hazard. Survey crews can be forced into the right-of-way to work around them, residents could run into them while walking or biking, and they can block motorists from seeing oncoming vehicles.   Curring and removing these branches are important to both municipal crews and surveyors. The Woodman’s Pal has an accurate and comfortable swinging action, simplifying branch removal. The powder-coated blade protects it from corrosion and the tool comes with a sharpening stone to keep it performing as if it were new for years to come.   Municipal crews and surveyors must contend with the elements and the challenges of working, daily, in the great outdoors. The Woodman’s Pal is a single, easy to carry tool that can improve safety and make the jobs of these crews easier.
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