Show Love With a Woodman's Pal This Father’s Day

Every person with a dad, grandfather, or any other fatherly figure knows that when Father’s Day rolls around, as does the stress of determining the perfect gift to show you care. As a token of gratitude for everything Dad does, consider a Woodman’s Pal this Father’s Day. It is sure to please any type of Dad you may have:

The History Buff 

With its unique design and renowned tradition throughout modern history, the Woodman’s Pal stands alone for any historic blade buff. The Woodman’s Pal was even spotlighted for its distinction on the History Channel series Forged in Fire, in which world-class bladesmiths compete to recreate history’s most iconic edged weapon.

The Military Servicemen or Veteran

Since the Pal is a versatile tool for both military and civilians alike, we often hear stories from veterans who wish they had held onto their Pal after returning from service. For servicemen looking to reunite with their loyal companion, the Pal offers a thoughtful, functional gift idea.

The Hiker or Camping Enthusiast

Whether your father is a “stay on the marked path” type or an adventurous trailblazer, the Woodman’s Pal will equip him to be prepared for just about anything, such as clearing brush quickly, chopping kindling, or even protecting from wildlife attacks. The leather sheath is easy to attach to his belt or backpack, leaving him hands free but keeping the tool easily accessible if and when it’s needed.

The Bushcrafter or Survivalist 

Any Dad honing his bushcraft and survival skills knows that the best items in his kit are those that are lightweight and multifunctional.  The best survival tool will be able to cut, chop, and slash without wearing you out. From tropical jungles to the Arctic tundra, Woodman’s Pal has been tried-and-tested around the world. 

The Landowner or Gardener

Tending to the land and crops is a feat that requires constant vigilance. As an all-in-one tool, the Woodman’s Pal provides a perfect solution for pruning fruit trees, eliminating tall weeds and brush, extracting invasive species and the many other tasks required to maintain the land and keep Dad’s garden as a thing of beauty. 

Even The Star Wars Fan!

Did you know that we offer free shipping to galaxies far, far away? For those Star Wars dads who have followed The Book of Boba Fett, (spoiler alert!) the Woodman’s Pal is the tool of choice for the Tusken marauders when crafting Boba Fett’s iconic gaffi stick. No matter what Dad is into, the Woodman's Pal will make a unique, thoughtful, and stress-free gift this Father's Day.
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