Celebrate Great Outdoors Month

This month marks not only the official start to summer, but all the sunshine, flourishing greenery, and excitement that comes with it.  That is why across the United States, June has been deemed Great Outdoors Month. This month-long celebration encourages everyone to embrace the outdoor spirit of America and head outside. To champion this spirit of this month, we have put together a list of a few activities to inspire your desire to get outdoors.  Grab your Woodman’s Pal and get going! 

Try out wildlife photography

Skip the need for expensive camera lenses to get that perfect shot. The Woodman’s Pal is ideal for cutting and gathering brush to camouflage you for an up-close-and-personal encounter with woodland critters. To get started as a beginner, here are some step-by-step instructions for building a backyard blind for bird watching and photography. 

Take a hike

An obvious choice for getting outdoors, hiking can provide immense enjoyment for just about anyone. However, we’ve all heard hiking horror stories, often from those who were ill-prepared for the unexpected. To ensure as much fun as possible, check out more information on how to prepare, have some knowledge about what’s expected of you, and know what the most essential equipment is to bring with you.

Plant a garden

Missed your chance to sow your garden this year? Not necessarily! This spring brought unpredictable weather to many regions, but there is still time to get your garden going. Beans, peppers, summer squash, and plenty more fruit and vegetables are perfect for the warmer months. Double check the specific varieties and growing requirements in your region, and make sure to have your Pal handy for clearing out weeds and invasive species to keep things blooming. This month, no matter what path or activity you choose, the Woodman’s Pal will be your ultimate outdoor companion.
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