Cutting Wood for Fires With a Machete

Cutting Wood for Fires With a Machete

Have you ever used a machete to cut wood for a fire? It’s more effective than you may realize. With the right type of wood and proper technique, a machete can be the perfect tool to keep on hand for splitting wood for campfires. 

Choosing the Type of Wood

You may have a hard time using a machete to split wood from a recently-cut tree, as fresh wood tends to be denser and contain more moisture. You’ll have an easier time splitting dry wood.


Store-Bought Logs: When you buy natural firewood from a store, it’s usually dry enough for easy splitting with a machete. This is a safe choice if you want to try splitting firewood with your machete for the first time to get a feel for the technique. 


Home-Cut Wood: If you want to go the all-natural, DIY route, there are a few ways to go about gathering wood to cut with your machete. One method is to scavenge wooded areas for fallen limbs that have been naturally dried by the elements. This type of wood will be easy to split with a machete and quickly use in fires, but you could also cut down small trees in the area and dry the firewood out over time outdoors. 

Log Splitting Techniques

When splitting wood with a machete, you must use the proper technique in order to avoid injury and to ensure you end up with desirable pieces of firewood. The benefit of using a machete over a hatchet for splitting wood is that you can adjust your technique for different size cuts. 


Using a Machete to Make Kindling: You can use a machete to split thin pieces of kindling off of large logs, rather than simply splitting the log into two big pieces of firewood. By executing a firm but short, off-center chop into the flat top of a log, you can continuously ‘hammer’ the blade of your machete further with the weight of the wood, as demonstrated in our video:

Cutting Large Chunks of Firewood: Machetes can also be used to split logs into large pieces of firewood that the kindling serves to ignite. The technique is similar to cutting kindling, but requires a bit more force and follow through in your chops. Watch how we do it in this video:

The Best Machete for Cutting and Splitting Wood

Are you looking for the best machete for cutting and splitting firewood? Look no further than the Woodman’s Pal. Its lightweight, balanced, and compact design make it the perfect tool to keep on hand for any outdoor scenario, offering more versatility than hatchets and other cutting tools. Order a Woodman’s Pal today so you can have a top-notch firewood tool for years to come!

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