Grab Your Pole and Pal for Fishing This June

With National Fishing and Boating Week and Father’s Day this month, June is a perfect opportunity for beginners to grab a pole or to finally take Dad on a road trip to that secret spot he’s been hearing whispers about. 

Not sure where to go?

Word-of-mouth always works best here. Ask a seasoned fisherman for tips on the local honey hole in your area.  The more tech-savvy can also search for the perfect spot on angler message boards or websites like this to find places to fish near you. 

Not sure what to bring?

There’s much more that meets the eye. We’ve put together a comprehensive checklist of our top clothing and gear recommendations to ensure you’re covered.
  • A quality, brimmed hat - critical for the brutal sun and rain. Our Woodman’s Pal trucker hat is a breathable and quick-drying option to protect you from the elements.
  • Moisture-wicking pants and a windbreaker - While your typical cotton tee and shorts combination can be tempting, these offer better protection from the wind, UV rays, and biting insects. 
  • A backup change of clothes - even if you're heading right home after your excursion, be sure to pack a dry change of clothes. You can’t be too careful. 
  • Towel -for wiping wet hands, sweat, etc.
  • Sunglasses - polarized are best for reducing the glare created by the sun when it hits the water 
Gear (in addition to the obvious rod, reel, bait, and tackle, of course!)
  • Fishing net - to scoop up those trophy catches
  • Needle-nose pliers - for removing fish hooks with ease
  • Tape measure - to document your catch and ensure it meets legal harvest size
  • Your state fishing license - Did you know that states offer free fishing days, where any angler can go fishing without a license? Be sure to confirm the free fishing days in your area. 
  • Accessory bag & tote - To avoid the added heat and weight of a traditional fishing jacket or vest, opt for our versatile leather accessory bag that can clip on a belt loop or its matching leather tote to keep your tackle, pliers, and other equipment organized and within arms reach
  • First aid kit - Always necessary for cleaning and dressing those unexpected cuts and scrapes that come with the job.
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent - There is no worse punishment after an enjoyable day of fishing than painful sunburn or itchy bites. 
  • A sharp filet knife and cooler - After a successful day on the water, make sure that you have well-equipped to clean store your catch.
  • A reliable multi-tool - For those unexpected encounters, an all-in-one utility tool like the Woodman’s Pal can clear brush, pull back branches, and more can help a fisherman find the ideal spot for fishing or landing your boat. This high-quality tool is even great for getting some wood to help start cookfires for days when the fishing is good. 
For the beginner angler or the fisherman dad who seems to already have everything, the Woodman’s Pal shop is a great place to explore for unique, reliable gear and gifts when casting a line this month.
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