What All Sportsmen & Outdoorsmen Need for Brush Clearing

Brush clearing and land management can mean different things depending on your purpose. Landowners may be looking to clear brush to make their property more usable or more attractive. Sportsmen and hunters, on the other hand, look to shape the land to make it more attractive to deer, turkey, and other wildlife. Whether you need a land management tool or a hunting tool for brush-clearing, the needs are similar. Understanding what’s involved in the tasks ensures you choose the right, high-quality tool.  

Brush-clearing tasks

There are specialized tools for larger land management projects, like taking down larger trees or clearing vast areas. Many projects, however, are smaller and can be managed with more portable outdoor brush clearing tools. Even when you have a larger clearing project, you’ll likely need to clear a path or remove some brush just to get to it.  Cutting trails  - For landowners, cutting a trail is essential for gaining access to some of your woodier or more overgrown areas. Inspecting your property can be hampered by overgrowth, or you may want to clear a path to be able to hike your own land and enjoy nature. Hunters and sportsmen need the ability to clear trails for different reasons. Underbrush and branches can grow back between season, obstructing your way to an established blind. Sportsmen might also want to clear a trail for deer and other wildlife to easily reach a food source or salt lick.  Removing saplings - Saplings seem to take up residence exactly where you don’t want them. Having new trees come in to replace older and dying ones is beneficial, but there are usually far more saplings than are useful. Landowners need to clear saplings from open areas that will see other uses, or just to keep wooded areas from encroaching on lawns and gardens. Hunters need a brush-clearing tool that can remove saplings that block their view and shot. Cutting back brush - Hunters cut back brush for a number of reasons - to create better cover, to clear an area to make it more attractive to game, and to establish better transition zones that entice animals, like deer, to the area. For landowners, brush can crowd out desirable plants push into unwanted spaces. Both sportsmen and landowners need a tool that can clear path for vehicles and ATVs. Cutting back branches - Like brush and saplings, branches can grow in inconvenient places. Low branches obstruct paths for wildlife or for vehicles. A poorly placed branch can prevent access to a tree blind or block a game camera’s field of vision. Both hunters and landowners have a need for a tool that removes branches that cross paths below head level.  

All-in-one tool for Land Management

Traditionally, managing all of these smaller land-clearing tasks required a multitude of tools. An ax or hatchet for small trees, a survival machete for thick brush or small saplings, a pruner, a brush ax, and more.  It can be cumbersome, however, to haul all of those tools around to the back 40 of your property, or out to your hunting areas, even in an ATV Or you might hike out to an area that needs to be cleared with one tool, only to find you need one or two others that you didn’t bring with. The Woodman’s Pal combines all of the tools you need into one. It can be comfortably swung like a machete to quickly clear thick brush. Its sharp, powder-coated blade is durable and long-lasting, making it perfect to remove saplings or trim branches. The Woodman’s Pal also has a sickle hook to clear brush from confined areas, like between trees or around blinds.  This outdoor brush clearing tool also comes with a leather sheath with a belt loop, leaving your hands free. Perfectly balanced, the Woodman’s Pal is the perfect land management tool for chopping, cutting, trimming, pruning, splitting, and clearing hunting areas and property.
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