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The Woodman’s Pal® was introduced to the market in 1941 by Frederick Ehrsam. Ehrsam, a Swiss National who settled in PA, was an experienced engineer, artist and woodsman. He recognized the need for an ‘all in one’ land management tool. This single implement serves the purpose of many various brush tools. Due to its light weight, balanced and compact design, the Woodman’s Pal® performs all outdoor activities from clearing brush and blazing trails to trimming, thinning, chopping and pruning. The Woodman’s Pal® was quickly recognized by agriculture, horticulture and land management professionals as a ‘must have’ tool.

Military Issue

Originally designed and patented in 1941 for civilian use, the Woodman’s Pal® quickly got the attention of the US Military.  It was initially procured for the US Army Signal Corps and eventually became standard issue as a combat and survival tool for GI’s in the Pacific Theater.  By the end of the Korean War over 250,000 units had been procured.  During the Vietnam War and Desert Storm, the Woodman’s Pal® was primarily issued as a survival tool for pilots.  The quality and effectiveness of the Woodman’s Pal spans decades and generations.