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History of Legacy in our Machetes

Woodman’s Pal and lansky

If you search Woodman’s Pal you may see results that you weren’t expecting.  Random, old, out of stock items.  Most at extremely low prices.  Here is the recent history of the Woodman’s Pal machetes and product line.

Our company Skyline Toolworks LLC is family owned and operated.  We have owned the Woodman’s Pal Trademark since 1995 when we purchased it from Survival Equipment Company in Oley, PA.  In 1999 we licensed the trademark and manufacturing rights to Pro Tool Industries in Pottstown, PA.

For several years things went well for Pro Tool, however a few years ago a major cutlery manufacturer came out with a tool manufactured in China with a blade that copied the Woodman’s Pal design.  The extremely low Chinese manufacturing and material costs translated to cheap retail prices.

In an attempt to compete on price, Pro Tool cut corners opting for overseas suppliers for the sheaths and handle components.  After they were shipped to customers, many of the imported items proved to be defective.

Unfortunately with the combination of a hit on the Woodman’s Pal reputation for quality and competition from Chinese imports, Pro Tool made the decision to close their doors in early 2018.

With their lease set to expire Pro Tool was forced to liquidate their inventory at well below market value.  Although no longer available, that pricing is still reflected online. 

Here at Skyline Toolworks, we did not want to see a product we’ve loved simply disappear.  That is why we have chosen to bring the Woodman’s Pal back to market and make some improvements along the way.

Recognizing what is important to us and our customers; an American made product with quality that you can see and feel, we have brought the Woodman’s Pal back to its roots.   Handmade wood handles, handmade and hand-stitched leather sheaths.  Premium steel and powder coated blades.

We guarantee you will be happy with the Woodman’s Pal, from the blade, handle and sheath to reprints of manuals provided to GI’s during WWII and Lansky sharpening stone.  The box itself has been upgraded to make a great gift and unboxing experience for everyone.