What Is the Best Tool for a Survivalist?

Preparing for the worst can have your head swimming. Planning for long term survival is one thing, but what about short term, go-bag, minimalist survival gear? What criteria do you use to pick the best survival multi-tool? To figure that out, you’ll start by planning for the basics and expand the list from there. You’ll want a tool that covers as many requirements as possible, in a single piece of equipment. 

Finding the Best Survival Management Equipment

No matter what you do, finding the best solution to a problem requires first understanding the problem you’re trying to solve. So let’s start with what our survival multi-tool would have to do to be the best single tool for a survivalist. It’s safe to assume that we’d have the basics - a way to start a fire, a compass, and a first aid kit, since we can justifiably say those aren’t tools. If we start with those items what else would we need? The tool would have to help us meet our basic needs. Warmth - Even in summer, you’ll need a fire to cook and boil water at a minimum. Your multi-tool must be able to chop wood and create kindling.  Shelter - Shelter is a no-brainer, but having a tool that will help you clear land and gather the materials for building one isn’t.  Safety - Protecting yourself and those you care about will be important. Knowing that you have a multi-tool that doubles as a weapon to protect you from aggressive animals (even the two-legged kind) will give you some peace of mind. There are a few other requirements your tools should have that aren’t directly related to survival basic needs. Durable - You can’t expect to replace your multi-tool any time soon, so it will need to hold up to all of the use and abuse it will take. Transportable - Since this piece of equipment will be how you do everything from cut firewood to defend yourself, you’ll want to with you all the time. If it’s bulky or heavy, you might be tempted to leave it behind. Proven - With any survival tool, you don’t want to take chances on something new and untried. You’ll want a tool that has proven itself, time and time again.    

The One Survival Multi-Tool You Need

You can gather several tools that would do all of the things we’ve outlined above - a fixed-blade knife, an ax, and so forth. But all of these tasks can be managed with a Woodman’s Pal. The Woodman’s Pal machete chops wood and trims with a high-carbon steel blade that won’t crack or chip, even in sub-zero temperatures. You’ll have plenty of kindling and firewood for cooking and warmth. It’s the perfect tool for clearing saplings and cutting wood, using that wood to build a lean-to shelter or hunting blind. Its unique sickle hook makes it easy to clear a confined area easily for campsites.  The blade is balanced for an efficient and accurate swing, whether clearing land, chopping trees, or fending off an attacker. The blade is powder-coated to protect the finish, making the tool durable and long-lasting. Its compact design at only 23 oz. and 17 inches long, is easy to carry around and keep at hand during exploring and foraging. With the leather sheath, the Woodman’s Pal hangs conveniently from a belt. Lastly, it’s a proven tool in the field. Woodman’s Pal has been made in the U.S.A. since 1941 and is standard issue for U.S. Army soldiers since World War II. If you’re looking for a single tool to keep in your kit, the Woodman’s Pal answers every need a survivalist has. Even when you have a host of other tools, the Woodman’s Pal will be the single most useful tool in your pack.
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